Why SmartHub?

At SmartHub we operate with a higher purpose in mind. We put our heart and soul into every project, because we’re passionate about a zero-waste future.

Not just offering a tick-box list of services, we make every effort to provide unparalleled customer service, going above and beyond to understand each customer’s needs. By getting under the skin of a business we create real value-add solutions that generate a clear positive impact.

We’re value-driven with a social conscience and a framework of sustainability.

In-house technology experts

The future of logistics fulfilment is in technology, which is why it underpins everything we do. We research, test and explore the latest developments, making sure we stay at the forefront of logistical tech to improve all aspects of the fulfilment process.

SmartHub started as specialists in the construction industry, handling complex site management end to end. We now apply that experience and learning to every step of ecommerce and logistical fulfilment.

Data and digital planning

We’re ready to move the industry forward. So we set high standards and refuse to settle for anything less.

Data and digital planning are vital to the success of any project. We work with ecommerce interfaces, warehouse management systems and our own digital logistics interfaces within an integrated network.

With cutting-edge technology we monitor delivery flow, highlighting potential bottlenecks, locating opportunities for environmental improvements, and flagging areas for risk analysis. Our tech communicates with our customers’ systems for seamless integration.

Leadership team

Our goal is to create a culture of awareness around the impact our actions today have on the generations that follow. We want to be seen as custodians of a sustainable planet through collaboration, partnerships and smart thinking.

James Copperwait

Chief Executive Officer

The best team for the best purpose

We work with the best. Whether that’s in our own knowledgeable, experienced and passionate teams; or in long-term, trusted relationships with our supply chain partners.

We’re serious about our environmental responsibilities and that influences our company culture. All of us in the SmartHub team aspire towards the same sustainable future, and we’re brought closer together by that common goal.

Work with us

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