SmartHub was built on a passion for driving change, creating efficiency and providing demonstrable value to our customers in order to grow what we call Smart Logistics.

Utilising lean processes and meticulous planning we exceed expectations, support a healthier planet, and improve your business as a whole.

Our services


More than just storage: improved efficiency, consolidation of materials, optimised deliveries and even pre-assembly of goods if required

Our secure, purpose built and state of the art facilities are ideally located to collect from, and distribute to; London, the South East & The Midlands.

Our dedicated distribution teams are tailored to your specific needs, becoming experts at what you do. By understanding your business, we ensure that quality control is achieved from the outset safeguarding your stuff and more importantly your integrity and reputation.



Ultimately we need to add value to your business, not just save you money. 85% of projects overrun, 9 out of 10 projects experience cost overspend. Up to 30% of total time is wasted by operatives looking for materials and/or chasing information and transport. Construction output has changed little in the past 50 years. All of which lead to why and how we bring you value

Optimised Transport

Sustainable, Controlled Transport directly to the Workface

Construction Logistics starts with a process. The process which supports each construction site must be resource efficient, minimal in waste and provide a good environment for both those on site and the neighbouring residents / stakeholders.

How is this accomplished utilising SmartHub?

Strict control of deliveries by practising JIT (Just in time logistics). This term is overused in the industry but at SmartHub we personify the very ideal behind saving time and money.

Reverse logistics

To us, waste is not waste – it is resources. And we need to respect that.

We’re proud to be raising the bar for waste management in logistics fulfilment. Our same vehicles delivering your materials then remove your waste or packaging, taking it back to our Hub for repurposing and recycling. Zero-waste, 100% recycled.

Our very own system, Smart Segregate, uses colour coding to visualise and organise waste more effectively, raising worker awareness about the type of waste they’re dealing with. Our packaging recovery system promotes recycling and prevents materials with intrinsic value from going to landfill.

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